Ascent Aromatics, Inc. operates from a well-equipped, 19,000 square foot facility in South Plainfield, New Jersey. Designed specifically for fragrance development and distribution, Ascent’s physical space embodies our philosophy.

Creative Perfumery

Ascent’s perfumery laboratories are the focal point of the company’s creative capabilities. Ascent is dedicated to using only the finest ingredients available and having the creative expertise to put them to use in unique ways. Ascent’s labs are an integral part of our fragrance innovations.

The creative perfumer labs include:

  • A full compliment of Perfume Organs dedicated to fragrance creation
  • The latest in instrumentation available to the industry, including Agilent Technologies 7890A GC Systems and a 5975C Inert MS Detector
  • Outstanding perfumery expertise, led by Ascent President John Pascale


Fragrance Applications

In Ascent’s applications labs, our creative products come to life. Inventive new scents as well as longstanding favorites are put to use in air care products, fine fragrance, candles, soaps & detergents, I&I products, cosmetics, personal care products, and more.



At Ascent, we understand that creating innovative fragrances is an asset only if those creations can be authentically and efficiently scaled-up in manufacturing. Ascent’s manufacturing team skillfully manipulates the unique fragrance products created in our labs and produces them in quantities that meet and exceed quality and reliability standards.


Customer Service

Ascent is convinced that superior customer service is the cornerstone of success. Therefore, we are committed to building and nurturing the partnership between customer and supplier. With almost two decades of experience in fragrance customer service, Ascent’s Customer Service Manager, Ginny Butrico and her team are the smiling, helpful, responsive, & caring embodiment of our commitment to you, our valued customer.

Ascent customer service means:

  • Responsive, personalized attention

  • Professionals who are experts in the fragrance industry

  • Steadfast attention to customer needs regardless of the size of the order



Ascent has sales representation across the United States, with sales offices in:

  • New Jersey
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • California


Quality Control

Quality control is an integral part of Ascent’s operations. Using the most advanced analytical equipment available, Ascent conducts detailed analysis of all ingredients, finished fragrances, and company processes.

Our quality control labs are state of the industry and include:

  • The latest in QC instrumentation available to the industry including the following: Anton Paar DMA 4100 Density Meter Anton Paar RXA 170 Refractometer Grabner Mini Flash FLA

  • Diligent analysis of incoming raw materials

  • Ongoing assessment of compounded fragrance products

  • Air Controlled environment for proper testing of raw materials and finished product