Management Team

Creative and dedicated leadership from experienced fragrance professionals

John Pascale, President, Ascent Aromatics, Inc.

John Pascale is the driving force behind the creative, technical, and innovative capabilities of Ascent Aromatics. With over three decades of experience, John has created thousands of exceptional fragrances. He is an active member and former president of The American Society of Perfumers. As the leader of Ascent, John is committed to the creation of original, modern fragrance products for our discerning customers.

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Jim Unrath, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Ascent Aromatics, Inc.

Jim Unrath has 20 years of experience across a variety of responsibilities in the fragrance industry. Jim is focused on working with all of our customers to anticipate and understand their needs and provide innovative solutions to help reach their sales objectives. Led by Jim and supported by the entire Ascent team, Ascent is well positioned with experienced representatives throughout the US.

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Bob Daly, Vice President, Operations, Ascent Aromatics, Inc.

Bob Daly has 25 years of experience in the fragrance industry. His expertise on raw materials, distribution and manufacturing is a tremendous asset to the Ascent Operations team. Bob is dedicated to working in partnership with customers to deliver outstanding service to our valued clients.

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